Colossus Banquet


Classiest then the Class!

Designed to enrich the glamour quotient of every special occasion, Colossus Banquet is where you can luxuriate in the lavishness of sheer finesse. Florid designs that gracefully embellish the plafond, neatly draped tables, sumptuous delicacies sizzling hot in a cloche and the splendid hall that exudes an aura as majestic as pure gold, Colossus adds an altogether different dimension to every celebration. True to its name, Colossus reflects class in every speck and solicits specialness in every moment spent here.

Meeting & Events

  • »   Colossus Banquet Hall intimate corporate meetings up to 50 people and reception up to 100 people
  • »   Open-air terrace banquet for outdoor receptions and private party
  • »   Moon Box a private dining room for up to 16 people or meeting up to 10 people

  • Homely Atmosphere
  • Room Services
  • Superb Amenities
  • Filled with Luxury
  • Modern & Spacious
  • Cozy Room
  • Tasty Food

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